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New exhibition and book presented for Peter the Great's 350th birth anniversary

June 14, 2022: New exhibition and book were presented for Peter the Great's 350th birth anniversary at "Alferaki Palace" (the common name for Taganrog Museum of Local Lore and History), which has been under renovation. The ceremony brought together Rostov Oblast Minister of Culture Anna Dmitrieva, deputies of Taganrog City Council, municipal officials of Taganrog Local Government, research fellows of Taganrog Group of Museums (TGLIAMZ) and Taganrog Museum of Art.

They were the first to see the exhibition entitled "Peter the Great and His Era", dedicated to Russian emperor's 350th birth anniversary. It presents mobile stands with pictures of Peter-related exhibits from the collection of Taganrog Group of Museums. Within the framework of this event the book "Peter the Great and His Era" was presented. This catalog features the related items from collections of TGLIAMZ and Taganrog Museum of Art.

On this occasion Taganrog Municipal Chamber Orchestra under the leadership of Alexander Gurevich together with Taganrog Municipal Choir "Lik" led by Alexey Loginov performed at Alferaki Palace, in the hall known for its excellent acoustics.

Meanwhile, the beautification of the surrounding area is currently underway. In particular, the laying of paving tiles has almost been finished. It is planned to install new benches, dustbins and tourist signs in the near future.