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Andrey Fateyev Appointed Taganrog City Manager

May 4, 2023: in today's session Taganrog City Council (Duma) approved Mr. Andrey Fateyev as Taganrog City Manager.

The position of Taganrog City Manager fell vacant on April 4, 2023 after the resignation of Mikhail Solonitsin. A competition to fill the city manager's vacancy was declared by Taganrog City Council (Duma) and a selection board, made of its aldermen and Rostov Oblast Governor's authorized delegates, accepted documentation from the candidates. Rostov Oblast Minister of Education Andrey Fateyev and Bataysk Deputy City Manager Natalya Bogatishcheva were chosen out of five nominees after the intake meeting and testing.

"Thank you for your trust and support. It is true that I started my career in the city of Taganrog. Despite my work in Rostov, our family has continued to reside in Taganrog, so that it's not a strange city for me. I am sure Taganrog has significant opportunities and strong potential. I will make every effort to use my knowledge, experience and management experience in the reconstruction of public infrastructure, transport infrastructure and other problems that have piled up in the city",

Andrey Fateyev was born in Rostov on Don in 1980. He graduated from Taganrog Chekhov Teachers College in 2002. Later on, he commenced PhD in Philology. Fateyev started his career at Taganrog Board of Education. He also held senior positions at Taganrog Chekhov Teachers College in 2010-2014. In recent years, Andrey Fateyev has been employed by Rostov Oblast Ministry of Education and has served as education minister since February 2022.

The new-elect city manager assumes his office on May 11, 2023.