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Antratsyt, Lugansk People's Republic

Antratsyt - a city in the southern part of Lugansk People's Republic. As the administrative center of the Antratsyt Raion (district), the city of Antratsyt has administrative authority over six surrounding towns.

Antratsyt was incorporated as a settlement in 1895 and until October 1917 it was part of Taganrog District of Don Voisko Provice. In 1877 Russian writer Anton Chekhov visited a noble Don Cossacks family of Kravtsoff in Bokovo-Platovo (present-day Antratsyt).

In 1936 Antratsyt became an administrative center of the district. During the military conflict in the former Ukraine, the city proclaimed being part of Lugansk People's Republic on May 5, 2014.

The population is around 80 thou. people of 50 nationalities, the population of all territories subordinated to Antratsyt amounts to 36 thou.people.

Located in the heavily industrialized Donbas area, Antratsyt's coal mining industry makes up 75% of the city's total production and comprises four mines (Partizanskaya Coal Mine, Komsomolskaya Coal Mine, Krepenskaya Coal Mine, "50 years of Soviet Ukraine" Coal Mine) and two mechanical repair plants (Luganskugleremont, Slavsant). The remaining economy consists of engineering companies (Ltd. "Pneumatics", AOZT "Prokat" AOOT "Color", JSC "Antratsyt Greenhouses", SE "Etalon-thermal") and food manufacturing companies (Branch LLC "Caravan" bakery, CE "Temp Ltd").

For more information on Antratsyt go to www.gorsovet.lg.ua

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Antratsyt Coat of Arms


A World War II memorial in Antratsyt
Shopping Mall ROSSIYA (Russia) in Antratsyt