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The German Week (Die Deutsche Woche) in Taganrog,
August 17-24, 2002

The development of cooperation and friendship relations between Taganrog, Lüdenscheid and Badenweiler helped to achieve mutual trust and understanding and establish long-lasting cultural relations. With that in mind, The German Week (Deutsche Woche) was held in Taganrog, August 17-24, 2002. Taganrog Local Government invited the official delegations from its sister city Lüdenscheid and the partner town of Badenweiler, accompanied by German creative groups and artists.

Several events in the context of the “German Week” were realized, including the joint performances by Russian and German artists, the staging of plays by various authors of the two countries, a music concert and the Day of German Cuisine in the Gorky Park, German Music Night, Children Drawing Contest Europe – our Common House, conference Russia and Germany: Dialog of two cultures. These events brought the cities together, giving Taganrogers and festival participants an opportunity to learn more about the art life in the sister cities. 

August 21, 2002 - the Mayors of Taganrog and Badenweiler and the Rostov Oblast Minister of Culture signed a communiqué on cooperation and development of cultural relations. It states that both cities express their will to continue the two-way work in exchanging the magnificent cultural heritage which Russian and German people possess in their history and literature.