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A Floating Cruise-Ship Pier Coming to Taganrog Seaport

June 28, 2022: Taganrog Local Government announced the plans to place a floating pier to bring passenger cruise ships back to Taganrog Seaport.

The forthcoming public debates, scheduled on July 26, will tackle the problems of tourism development, including the floating pier and bottom dredging within the borders of Taganrog commercial seaport. With that in mind, Deputy City Manager for Project Activities and Tourism Development Mr. Alexey Sanin explained that Taganrog authorities intend to resume water passenger traffic, hence the need for the floating pier.

"Corresponding inspections together with detailed project documentation are currently underway", said Alexey Sanin.

Earlier, Sinara Group, which has been involved into the establishment of a new streetcar system, introduced the investment project "Priazovye" as part of integrated development of Taganrog as a tourist destination. It represents a brand new tourism complex along the shores of Taganrog Bay. its area is to occupy 27 hectares with lodging establishments, a congress center, cafes, and various public places.