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Governor Golubev and First Deputy Speaker of the Federation Council Yatskin visited Taganrog

June 27, 2022: Rostov Oblast Governor Vasily Golubev and the First Deputy Speaker of the Federation Council Andrey Yatskin visited Taganrog within the framework of a working trip to the city.

Governor looked over "SFT Packaging", which is one of the largest regional enterprises in the field of corrugated fibreboard packaging. During a discussion with the management of the company were raised the issues of adaptation to the new economic challenges and further increase in production.

Accompanied by the management of "Sinara - Urban Transport Solutions Taganrog", Governor Golubev and Andrey Yatskin inspected the renewed tram route # 9. Rail-laying works in minor sections of the route are still underway. The tram depot has being overhauled as well.

The second phase of Taganrog streetcar system's renovation implies 33.6 (about 20.9 mi) km of rails and reinforced concrete blocks, overhauling of the tram depot and five traction substations, procurement of 50 low-floor trams, and creation of 76 new tram stops.

Vasily Golubev paid a visit to the Alferaki Palace (the common name for Taganrog Museum of Local Lore and History), which is currently under renovation. As of today, the renewal of the facade, grand staircase, first and second floors has been completed. Furthermore, the main hall has been gilded, and the court terrace has been decorated with granite.

In order to conclude the working trip, a meeting was held on the premises of Taganrog City Hall. Governor emphasized the need for the increasing pace and volume of road maintenance. He also requested Taganrog Local Government to increase the number of flowerbeds, lawns, and buildings provided with night lighting.

It should be noted that Andrey Yatskin visited Taganrog several times in 2021 and the most recent visit took place in April 2022.