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"Images of Russia" Exhibition Opens at Taganrog's Alferaki Palace

September 6, 2022: a new exhibition was unveiled to the public at "Alferaki Palace" (the common name for Taganrog Museum of Local Lore and History), which has been under renovation. Until November 13 visitors of the museum are welcome to see the exhibition "Images of Russia".

The exhibition was organized by State Museum and Exhibition Center ROSIZO and Russian Ministry of Culture.

"Images of Russia" shows the exquisite beauty of Russian nature. Over 80 paintings and exhibits of ceramics taken from ROSIZO's collection are separated into four sections, one for each season.

The opening ceremony brought together Rostov Oblast Deputy Minister of Culture Andrey Molodshev, Taganrog City Manager Mikhail Solonitsin, director of Taganrog Group of Museums Yelizaveta Lipovenko, deputies of Taganrog City Council, municipal officials of Taganrog Local Government, research fellows of Taganrog Group of Museums (TGLIAMZ) and Taganrog Museum of Art.

The exhibition is open Sunday to Friday, from 9 AM to 5 PM. Venue: Taganrog Museum of Local Lore and History (Alferaki Palace), Ulitsa Frunze 41.