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Mikhail Solonitsin Appointed Taganrog City Manager

December 3, 2021: yesterday in a session held at the historic Chekhov Public Library Taganrog City Council (Duma) approved Mr. Mikhail Solonitsin as Taganrog City Manager.

The position of Taganrog City Manager fell vacant on October 12, 2021 after the resignation of Andrey Lisitsky. A competition to fill the city manager's vacancy was declared by the local Duma and a selection board made of Taganrog City Council's aldermen and Rostov Oblast Governor's authorized delegates accepted documentation from the candidates. It competition was held on November 30 to select two out of five nominees for the office - Rostov Oblast Minister for Construction and Housing Mikhail Solonitsin and Deputy Neklinovsky District Manager Olga Tereshchenko. Mikhail Solonitsin received 60 points out of 60 possible, while Olga Tereshchenko - 48 points. However, both choices were submitted to Taganrog City Council as candidates for the city manager's office and Solonitsin was approved in a unanimous vote.

At the December 2 meeting of Taganrog City Council a letter of support for Mikhail Solonitsin on behalf of Rostov Oblast Governor Vasily Golubev was read. He was also supported by Sergey Kosinov - the head of Just Russia party faction at Rostov Oblast Legislative Assembly.

"The aim of Taganrog Local Government is to establish conditions that would allow for the development of citizen's potential. City comes to live only if there appears a society of creators. Citizens influence their cities", said Mikhail Solonitsin after his official appointment.

Mikhail Solonitsin was born in Novoshakhtinsk in 1970. He graduated from Novocherkassk University of Technology in 1992. Solonitsin started his career as a turner. Since 2007, he had been holding senior management positions and was engaged in business activities. Mikhail Solonitsin served as Novoshakhtinsk Deputy City Manager for Construction, Housing and Transport from 2009 to 2018. He was promoted to Zverevo City Manager in February 2018. Mikhail Solonitsin has been serving as Rostov Oblast Minister for Construction and Housing since December 2020.

The new-elect city manager assumes his office on December 7, 2021.