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AviaOK International at the PHOTONICA-2008 Expo

Photonic and laser-optical technologies occupy one of leading positions among the most perspective sectors of innovation activity in Russia today. Their achievements are most widely adopted in such fields as telecommunications, manufacturing industry, medicine, information science, transport, agriculture and many others.

On March 11-13 the 3rd international exhibition of laser, optical and optoelectronic instruments and devices "Photonica-2008" was held under the patronage of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russian Federation with the support of the Industry and Energy Ministry of Russian Federation.

"Photonica-2008" has become the key event for the laser-optics industry in Russia where developers, suppliers and users of laser-optical instruments and devices were gathered in one venue. Not only did the exhibition give a chance to get acquainted with the full specter of products and services in the thriving sector of high technologies market, but also provided an opportunity to take part in its rich and ever up-to-date science and business program.

The presence of numerous international participants made the exhibition really representative and fully reflecting modern trends in the development of laser-optical technologies. More than 150 companies from 15 countries took part in the exhibition. One of them was a company from Taganrog named AviaOK Intl. and a partner in the project of Russian-German Regional Laser Centers.

The director general of the AviaOK company Oleg Spiridonov, who is also the director of South Russian laser innovation technologies center spoke about the participation of his company in the exhibition:

"The purpose of our participation in the event "Photonica-2008" is to present the new project of the system of Russian-German Laser Centers. The Laser centers that are being organized in St. Petersburg, Kaluga, Ekaterinburg and Taganrog are the result of Russian-German collaboration in the field of laser and optical technologies. We wish to demonstrate to the expert community that our Laser Centers, being organizations of display, consulting and training, can give answers to any questions about lasers and their application to industry. Our participation in the project has become possible through the joint efforts of the Beriev Aircraft Company, the Southern Federal University, and due to the support of Rostov Regional Government and Taganrog Local Government as well as the assistance of the agents of German laser industry such as the "LIMO" company, the Hannover Laser Center. I have no doubt that the Taganrog laser center will start setting the newest equipment and organizing training courses on work with laser systems in the nearest future. Specialists will be consulted and trained at the center using the most ultra-modern laser instruments and devices in the world. No doubt that our joint efforts will give the Rostov Region industry a chance to bring itself on a level with the highest world standards of development.