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AviaOK Intl. at the Developer Conference "Application of NI in Aerospace Industry - 2005"

Taganrog Company AviaOK Intl. participated in the Developer Conference "Application of National Instruments in Aerospace Industry - 2005", which took place at the conference room of Golden Ring Hotel, Moscow, on May 26.

The conference was held for the largest Russian aircraft companies to exchange experience of using National Instruments (NI) technologies for test issues. National Instruments is one of the world leaders in instrument production and design of control and measuring equipment used widely including aerospace industry. NI hardware and software solutions are used in static, airborne and flight tests both abroad and in the Russian Federation. World and domestic aircraft industry leaders make use of NI solutions.

AVIAOK presented its latest developments in the field of distributed onboard measuring and data acquisition systems, portable automatic test systems, static laboratory stations for integrated control and diagnostics on its stand.

Oleg Spiridonov at the AviaOK Company Stand, NI Conference in Moscow, May 2005

There were technical sessions dedicated to new NI aircraft developments during the conference. In addition to NI engineers, system integrators shared their experience in introducing solutions at the largest Russian aircraft companies. The report "Scalable test systems: From flight tests to laboratory testing", made by Oleg Spiridonov, director general of AviaOK Intl., aroused great interest among the conference members.

Equipment exhibitions and a round-table discussion were arranged during the conference so that the participants and visitors could solve technical questions and discuss technical assignments.