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"Krasny Kotelshchik" started shipping unique licensed equipment

The Taganrog plant of the PJSC "EMAlliance" group - Krasny Kotelshchik - started shipping the unique boiler equipment for a new advanced combine-cycle power plant - the Ufimskaya TPS-5. The construction project of the Ufimskaya TPS -5 includes two power units with their total capacity of 440 MW. Each power unit of CCP-220 includes the following items: gas turbine GTE-160, one HRSG, steam turbine T-60/73 as well as two turbine generators with a capacity of 160 and 80 MW, respectively.

Engineering, fabrication and supply of this unique boiler plant is undertaken by the PJSC "EMAlliance". All works on this project are carried out in cooperation with the USA experts within the framework of the license agreement between the PJSC "EMAlliance" and NOOTER/ERIKSEN, INC (USA). As to the PJSC "EMAlliance", this is the Company's first contract for supply of the HRSG fabricated in Russia under the license issued by NOOTER/ERIKSEN, INC. The project is considered to be at the level of the best world manufacturers of such boiler equipment.

The HRSGs supplied by the PJSC "EMAlliance" show a high degree of reliability due to the application of the advanced concepts & techniques in designing and manufacturing HRSG assemblies. Besides, it should be mentioned that the HRSGs manufactured according to the Nooter/Eriksen license are supplied as prefabricated assemblies and components that significantly reduces the scope of works and time for the equipment installation at erection site. The delivery of the erection assemblies of the innovative boiler equipment is carried out by the PJSC "EMAlliance" in strict accordance with the approved schedule.