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New European Concept for Municipal Solid Waste Management Discussed in Taganrog

Mr. Yevgeny Vladykin, Deputy Mayor for Housing and Communal Services and Mr. Lyakhov, Chairman of "The Council of Municipal Corporations of Rostov Oblast" Association met with German experts within the framework of the BMF/GIZ project "Reform of Russian municipal enterprises".

Participants of the meeting discussed an integrated system of municipal solid waste disposal in Taganrog. The concept is based upon the experience of Western European countries and is aimed at improvement of environmental situation in the city: the volumes of waste at the landfills would fall by 70%, also drastically reducing emission of harmful gases and liquids in the environment.

at the Taganrog Deputy mayor's office
According to this concept, useful components and bio components from wastes are to be collected separately and to be reprocessed during recycling. The obtained recycled materials would be sold, e.g. high quality compost to be used in agriculture as fertilizer, thus reducing the use of chemical fertilizers.

The specialists of SSI Schäfer GmbH have a great international experience in waste management, and they offer to share it with municipal and private corporations of Taganrog.

Deputy Mayor Vladykin studied the arguments and calculations and expressed an interest in proposals made by SSI Schäfer GmbH. The two sides reached an agreement to develop a step-by-step action plan to obtain an accurate estimation for introducing this program in Taganrog.