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German Student Moritz Fischer visits Taganrog

June 30, 2005: Many Taganrog students studying the German language or Germanic culture have visited the sister cities of Lüdenscheid and Badenweiler. The visit of student Moritz Fischer from the city of Müllheim (near Badenweiler) in May-June 2005 continued Taganrog's cooperation and the student exchange program with German sister cities.

Moritz studies the Russian language at a Waldorf School and is interested in Chekhov literary heritage: "My first visit to Russia was in 2004. I loved the cities of Voronezh and Yaroslavl. I stayed for three weeks in a remote Ural village Nikolskoe, where I worked on a farm and in the field. I was into simple rustic way of life, I spoke Russian a lot, and it all was just great. This was a real experience. My schoolteachers were quite pleased as I learned many new Russian words." But Moritz was willing to revisit Russia, this time going to Taganrog, "Birthplace of Anton Chekhov" - the greatest playwright and short-story writer. "I have seen Chekhov plays on stage many times, including The Seagull", told Moritz Fischer. The reason for his Chekhov passion is the training at a youth theater studio in Müllheim. With that in mind, the German student goes 20 miles on a suburb train to the city of Freiburg, where he also plays electric contrabass and sings Russian folklore songs in a choir.

Moritz Fischer with German language students of Taganrog Teachers' College
Moritz Fischer stayed with a student's family in Taganrog. He appreciated the hospitality and attention of Taganrog people. In comparison to his first, "agricultural" practice in Russia, he refers to his visit to Taganrog as to a gift of fate. The German schoolboy attended lessons in the German department of the Taganrog Teachers' College, led by Galina Polenova, made acquaintance with the activity of youth theatre of Nonna Maligina, and he enjoyed singing with professionals of LIK Choir. He has been communicable, well disposed, and was interested in everything and enjoyed telling his new fellow students about Germany. Moritz spent a lot of time in the Chekhov library and Taganrog museums and was particularly fond of Chekhov memorial sites in Taganrog.

Two students from Taganrog, fascinated with Moritz's narrations about Germany, will visit Badenweiler soon.