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Krasny Kotelshchik started production of the second boiler for Vietnamese "Long Phu" TPP project

August 30, 2016: The Taganrog Krasny Kotelshchik boiler factory, a member of Power Machines group of companies and "EnergoMashinostroitelny Alliance" (PJSC "EMAlliance") has started manufacturing of the boiler equipment for Long Phu 1 TPP (Vietnam). The second boiler main assemblies have been put into production, work on the first boiler unit is in the process at the same time. Power Machines continue the construction and installation works on the site being the general contractor of the thermal power plant project syndicated with the company PTSC (Vietnam). Krasny Kotelshchik is manufacturing and will later supply two pulverized-fuel boilers each with steam capacity of 1908 t/h as well as heat-exchange equipment for two power units of TPP under construction.

The power units have optimized dimensions: their height is 86 meters, length is 54 meters, width is 56 meters. Besides, the equipment allows to use a large range of different fuels, including compound ones, while meeting the environmental requirements of the country. Krasny Kotelshchik has started the second boiler production for the Vietnamese plant: welding of the furnace and convection shaft gas-tight water walls is being carried out. At the same time work on the first boiler unit is going on: bending and welding of the platen superheater, water economizer, hangers and burners, as well as assembly of furnace and convection shaft water walls are being carried out. The successive design stage of the following equipment for the future Power Project is taking place in the Taganrog design and engineering centre: pipings, hangers, burners, and LP heater. All the works on pressure assemblies are carried out in strict adherence to the ASME codes (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) which is an additional proof of their high quality.

A visit of Vietnamese representatives to Krasny Kotelshchik is planned, they will be able to perform inspection of the equipment produced by the Taganrog works straight on the manufacturing facilities, after that shipment of the first assemblies to the Vietnamese plant will be started.

Press release courtesy of © Power Machines.