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Taganrog Theater in Badenweiler, Germany

October 12-18, 2010 in Badenweiler was held the festival "Baden-Württemberg liest" with several events dedicated to the 150th birth anniversary of Anton Chekhov. Taganrog's delegation headed by Yelena Shelukhina, Chief of the Arts & Culture Council and theater company The Taganrog Chekhov Drama Theater participated in the events.

The delegation was received by Mayor Karl-Eugen Engler in the town hall, and participated in the meeting of the German Chekhov Society (Deutsche Tschechow-Gesellschaft) "Anton Chekhov - a Russian classisist or fouder of modernism?". Among the lecturers were such worldknown Chekhov scholars as Vladimir Kataev, Robert Louis Jackson (Yale University) and Rolf-Dieter Kluge, representatives of the Russian Ministry of Culture.

The artists of the Taganrog Theater on stage of Badenweiler Kurhaus (Play "The Wood Demon")
But the most important day for the Russian delegation was October 15 when the Taganrog Theater presented its classic production of the play "Wood Demon" by Anton Chekhov on stage of the Badenweiler House of Culture (Kurhaus). Many Russian, German and American literary men, historians, biographers and Chekhov scholars were present at the performance. The audience gave the Taganrog artists a standing ovation and thanked for continuing the traditions of the Classic Russian theater.

The successful performance of the Taganrog Theater in Badenweiler once again showed the interest for Russian literature and Russian art in Germany. Each artistic trip always gives room for creative thoughts, new ideas and projects. Their realization favors further partnership and cooperation between Badenweiler and Taganrog - two cities forever bound by the name of the Russian genius Anton Pavlovich Chekhov.