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Vacuum Degasser Launched at TAGMET

November 26, 2010 - Vasiliy Golubev, Governor of Rostov Oblast participated in the opening ceremony - official launch of the vacuum degasser at the TAGMET plant in Taganrog.

The start of operation of this facility will further improve the quality of seamless pipes produced by TAGMET factory, but the most import is that the new equipment will protect our environment - saving water resources and ruling out any sea dumping.

Large-scale modernization of the TAGMET iron & steel factory began in 2002. The next stage will be commission of the arc melting furnace, completely abandoning the old-fashioned open-hearth furnace technology.

Governor Golubev at the official startup ceremony

The Oblast government is supporting the factory's initiative by providing tax benefits for a total of more than 77 million rubles granted within the framework of an investment agreement between the Rostov Oblast Government and TAGMET. In the next three years the total sum of preferences will amount to 650 million rubles.

"Nevertheless, each ruble invested gives return" noted Governor Golubev during his speech at the meeting - "the social programs of the factory is an example of responsibility from the business sector. This year alone, TAGMET will bring over 90 million rubles into various social programs."

"Paying the taxes, the company is making a major contribution into formation of Rostov Oblast's budget and we are of course very much interested in its further success and development" told Governor Vasiliy Golubev.

Press release courtesy of Donland.Ru