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EMAlliance to modernize the Estonian Thermo-electric Power Station

December 9, 2006: Taganrog Krasny Kotelshchik Factory (member of EMAlliance Group) signed an agreement on spare parts for Estonian thermo-electric power station. The value of the contract is over 10 million rubles.

Besides, "Krasny Kotelshchik" will be manufacturing collectors-steamcoolers for the Estonian thermo-electric power station (before - Narvskaya station) for the boiler TP-101 manufactured in Taganrog in the Soviet time.

"It is the first time since Soviet Union's disintegration that Estonia orders this kind of equipment in Russia, and not in West Europe" - told Alexander Moskalyov, sales director of "Krasny Kotelshchik".

EMAlliance JSC is one of the largest machine-building companies in Russia, with international experience and references in sales, engineering and design of equipments for thermal energy, oil and gas companies, and atomic energy.

The EMAlliance Holding are: The Machine-Building Plant ZiO-Podolsk, ZiOMar Engineering, Taganrog Krasny Kotelshchik Factory and other companies. More than 80% of power stations in Russian Federation and in CIS countries are equipped with production of these factories. The company is planning to prepare for an initial public offering (IPO) of its shares by 2008.