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Taganrog Iron and Steel Factory
The Company Output in 2004.

The TAGMET Iron-and-steel Factory, member of Pipe Iron Company Group, produced over 553 thousand tons of pipes in the first 11 months of 2004, which is 7.8 % more than in the same period in the last year.

The production volume for weldless pipes reached 342 thousand tons, including drill pipes – 13 tons, seamless casings – 110 thousand tons, oil pipes –216 thousand tons. Over 210 thousand tons of welded pipes, 103,450 thousand tons of water-and-gas pipes have been produced. The steel output was 448 thousand tons.

In November 2004 the practical testing of the zinc-planting technology for cross-sections of 20x20 and 25x25 types and sizes was realized. At this point, the Russian cross-sections have been zinc-planted only by the diving method.

TAGMET specialists decided to test the available machine for zinc coating of the cross-sections, produced by the tube-welding shops. The trial volume is over 6 tons. After some upgrading of the technological process and preparation of the technical conditions, the factory will be ready to accept the orders for a wide range of types and sizes.