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Krasny Kotelshchik delivers about 950 tons of equipment

The Taganrog plant of the PJSC "EMAlliance" group - Krasny Kotelshchik completed production of the equipment for several customers at a time. The total weight of the production is about 950 tons. The following heating surfaces have been produced for the first heat recovery steam generator of OOO RN-Tuapsinsky Refinery: superheater module, evaporator module, economizer module (each of the modules consists of two units). The equipment weight is equal to 120 tons. Fabrication of the primary and secondary panels of the inlet duct casing, the primary and secondary panels of the HRSG casing and HRSG's accessories has been finished in accordance with the schedule time. The panels' tonnage was about 100 tons. Evaporator (70 tons) for the second HRSG of Tuapsinsky Refinery, the primary and secondary panels of the inlet duct casing (weight is about 40 tons) have been also completed.

It should be mentioned that single-circuit heat recovery steam generator with the steam capacity 65 tons of steam per hour, pressure equal to 4.0 MPa and superheat temperature 440 ║C is designated for generation of steam specified parameters. This equipment is fabricated by Krasny Kotelshchik according to the license of NOOTER/ERIKSEN, INC (USA). áThe company shall totally fabricate six heat recovery steam generators for Tuapsinsky Refinery.

The intermediate pressure drum (15 tons) and module No. 3 of the HRSG (500 tons) for Nyaganskaya TPS are ready for shipping to the customer. It should be noted that the work on this order started in June 2010. The HRSG fabricated by Krasny Kotelshchik for Nyaganskaya TPS is of special design with the use of the most advanced technological decisions, which considerably reduces metal consumption of the design and improves serviceability of the equipment. The equipment for Moldavskaya TPS has been commissioned. That is parts of HP convection superheater, LP convection superheater and platen superheater (weight is 95 tons), as well as 12 oil-gas burners (40 tons).