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Taganrog Photographic Exhibition Held in Badenweiler City Hall

In July-August, 2013: a photographic exhibition dedicated to Taganrog and compiled by Taganrog photographers was held in Southern German town of Badenweiler. In 1904 our countryman Anton Chekhov died in Badenweiler, and since 2002 the two cities have continued cultural partnership.

Exhibition in Badenweiler Kurhaus
The photographs that were for display at the Badenweiler City Hall for all visitors and local citizens featured Taganrog's architectural masterpieces - The OId Stone Steps, Alferaki Palace, Mansion of Sharonov (Taganrog City Development Museum), House of Tchaikovsky, etc. Such events demonstrate a sincere and constant interest of Badenweiler citizens in everything what's related to the name of the person who made this small resort community in Schwarzwald world-famous. The exhibition was organized by Taganrog's longtime friend, Mr. Heinz Setzer, Chekhov expert and literary critic, and winner of the highest cultural award for foreign citizens - Alexander Pushkin Medal.

Exhibition in Badenweiler Kurhaus The name of Anton Chekhov is everywhere in Badenweiler: the main plaza in Badenweiler (Tschechow-Platz) was named after the Russian playwright in 2004, there is a literary museum "Tschechow-Salon" and "The German Chekhov Society", and a memorial plaque on the wall of the hotel where Anton Chekhov died. Since early 2000s, a local wine-maker has sold dry wine "Anton Tschechow".