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Taganrog Drama Theater Continues its Work on International Shakespeare Performance Project

October 24, 2012: the Taganrog Chekhov Drama Theater continues to work on production of "Romeo & Juliette, Like/Unlike" based on Shakespeare's plays within the framewok of an international theater project.

In April 2012, a group of actors and organizers of the IUGTE (International university "Global Theatre Experience") led by Sergei Ostrenko, Head of the Russian Theatre Department of IUGTE visited Taganrog. At the first level of cooperation, representatives of the international group evaluated the level and capabilites of Taganrog Theater's actors. It was followed by frequent exchanges via internet correspondence, and today the roles are finally assigned with rehearsals underway. The production is set to premiere in November 2012.

IUGTE directors and actors meet the press at Taganrog Theater

At the conference were present: Sergei Ostrenko(Great Britain), art director of the upcoming production; directors - Marcus Roche (Great Britain), Eva Mann (Switzerland), Lluvia Barrera Rivas (Mexico), actors from Spain, Ireland and Greece.

According to Sergei Ostrenko, the finishing touches are being put to the production. The team selected "Romeo and Juliette" as Shakespeare's most popular play, known to any school student around the world. This would eliminate the language problem and help actors to bring their overwhelming emotions to every spectator's heart.

"The main idea is the idea of intercultural cooperation. We don't need to make it a classic production for a better understanding by the audience. What do we mean when we talk about "tradition"? If we produce the play the way it was in Shakespearean times, it would be a very avantgardist product meaning a man would have to play Juliette." told Sergei Ostrenko.

IUGTE directors and actors meet the press at Taganrog Theater

After this first production the play will be included into the repertoire of Taganrog Theater Company.

IUGTE is the non-governmental non-profit organization founded in 2000. The organization was established with the purpose of exploring the bridge between world theatre traditions and contemporary performing arts, developing international programmes, promoting multicultural dialogue, supporting the freedom of creative expression and tolerance through the acquaintance with the diversity of world traditions.