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Japanese business delegation visiting Taganrog and Neklinovski district

August 16-25, 2015: representatives of two Japanese companies - Mr. Yoshio Kawamura, president of Fusho Japan Co., Ltd and AoneD Co., Ltd and Mr. Tsutsumi Shuji, main technologist at Hello-Japan Co. Ltd. visited several businesses in Taganrog and in the neighboring Neklinovski district. The business people from Japan were accompanied by Mrs. Irina Skoblikova, president of Donbass-Japanese Business Association and representatives of the Taganrog Interregional Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TICCI).

The main objective of the trip was to establish cooperation between Russian and Japanese companies that would lead to regular deliveries of animal, fish and fruit-and-vegetable products for Japanese market.

Japanese delegation at the Mayor's Office

August 17 the delegation was received at the Mayor's Office by Vladimir Prasolov. The two sides discussed the opportunities for introducing new technologies into water-supply pipeline rehabilitation - pipe recovery without their replacement.

The same day, Japanese delegation met with Mr. Alexander Amerkhanov, president of the TICCI. At this meeting, guests from Japan were briefed on history of the region and both its industrial and agricultural potential.

At the request of Japanese delegation, a meeting with the government of Neklinovski District was held at TICCI headquarters on August 18. August 19-22, 2015 - Mr. Kawamura and Mr. Shuji visited agricultural production companies LIMANNIY, CHEKHOV Ltd., AQUA-YUG Ltd. and 21VEK to familiarize with their activities and quality of products.