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The August 1943 Mius Frontline Breakthrough Reenacted Near Taganrog

September 4, 2013: The military historical reenactment was dedicated to the 70th liberation anniversary of Taganrog and Rostov Oblast from Nazi Germany occupation. The battlefield was equipped with bunkers, barbed wire and full profile trenches. More than three hundred enthusiasts from Taganrog Military History Museum, Taganrog history clubs, historical clubs of Neklinovka district reenacted soldiers, marines and cavalry of the Red Army and Wehrmacht. In the battlefield were used authentic pieces of artillery, mortars, armored personnel carriers, tanks, and other military equipment. To re-create a realistic atmosphere of the battle, SWAT units of explosives experts used 400 pyrotechnic charges of various capacities. Several thousands people from Taganrog, Rostov-on-Don and neighboring towns gathered on the site to watch the reenactment of Mius Frontline breakthrough.