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Table tennis team from Taganrog wins Women's ETTU Cup's bronze medals

TMK-Tagmet team, sponsored by TAGMET plant won bronze medals and the small cup of 2014-2015 Women's ETTU (European Table Tennis Union). The Taganrog team (coached by Sergey Belovol) are: Olga BARANOVA, Anna BLAZHKO, Valeria Belovol and Valentina SABITOVA.

ETTU 2014-2015 Cup bronze medalists

On their way to semifinals, the ping-pong players from Taganrog scored several victories, including the home win against Spanish team CTT Balaguert Villart Logistic and an away win against Austrian team Carinthiawinds Villacher.

"Participation in the ETTU games is a big step for our team and for promotion of table tennis in this region and throughout the South of Russia. As the playoffs progressed, our team only grew stronger, players transforming into true masters. In one season we've gone the way, which usually takes years", told head coach and TMK-Tagmet club's president Mr. Belovol at the press conference.