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Taganrog provides assistance to refugees as Ukraine Attacks Donbas

February 21, 2022: the situation along the contact line in the East of Ukraine has been deteriorating since last Thursday. Intense shelling attacks by Kiev forces in D.P.R and L.P.R. has led to an influx of refugees entering Rostov Oblast through the Russian border. The emergency ministry of self-proclaimed Donetsk Peoples' Republic announced on Friday the plan to evacuate some 700 thousand people to Rostov Oblast.

On February 19, 2022 governor of Rostov Oblast Vasily Golubev declared a state of emergency in the region. First buses with refugees arrived over the weekend with more than 70 thousand fugitives. As of Sunday evening over 6800 refugees, including 2904 children, have been sheltered in local places of temporary accommodation. All children of school-going age (1977 as of yesterday) will be enrolled into local schools starting Monday or Tuesday. Payouts in the amount of 10000 rubles have been offered to all refugees arriving from breakaway republics.

Ermochenko_Reuters As in 2014, Taganrog Local Government provides assistance to people fleeing conflict in the East of Ukraine who continue to arrive in the region. As of today 3 temporary accommodation centers function in Taganrog to accomodate over 400 people who have no relatives in the region. They have been officially provided a core group of services, including food, housing, clothing, and follow-up medical assistance.

Residents of the city of Taganrog and several volunteers unions are collecting humanitarian aid for Ukrainian refugees who stay in the city and in Kransny Desant (7 miles from Taganrog). Many of those who left their homes arrive to be reunited with their family members living in Taganrog or in Rostov Oblast area.