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Route 2 Streetcar Line Renewed to Connect Taganrog's Northern District to Downtown

May 5, 2022: renewed route 2 streetcar line begins service in Taganrog. It runs through Taganrog's northern district (including several TAGMET factory shops), historic downtown and coastal area, so it has always been a key element in the local transport infrastructure.

Route 2 has received seven streetcars on permanent basis plus two streetcars on standby. They will provide service with an interval of 7 to 15 minutes. Daily passenger traffic is estimated at 7 to 8 thousand people.

"New streetcars will shorten the time of the trip and bring us maximum comfort. I am convinced that my gratitude to "Sinara" is shared by all Taganrog residents, especially if they use this line. I also thank our citizens for their great patience", said Taganrog City Manager Mikhail Solonitsin.

Although all 16.8 km (about 10.4 mi) of tracks have been completed, tram stops along the line #2 are still being mounted. The work will be completed shortly.

Route 3 was launched in September 2021 as a part of the first phase of Taganrog streetcar system's renovation. The second phase implies 33.6 (about 20.9 mi) km of rails and reinforced concrete blocks, overhauling of the tram depot and five traction substations, procurement of 50 low-floor trams, and creation of 76 new tram stops. The entire work will have been finished by September 2022.