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Taganrog port, founded by Peter I as a military harbor, is one of the oldest established seaports in the South of Russia. It is situated on the Northern shore of the Gulf of Taganrog, 10 miles to the West from the Delta of Don. It is an up-to-date port, technically well-equipped, with berths, railroad lines and storage areas. It also has good technical facilities for handling a wide range of general and bulk cargoes. The Port area is protected by piers and breakwaters. The passage of ships to the harbor runs along a canal. Navigation is feasible all year round, except during 30-90 days of ice conditions where only ships with anti-ice skin can proceed, along with being escorted by an ice-breaker. In 1991, the Port was open to foreign ships.

At present, Taganrog can accomodate river-sea vessels. The seaport has its own entry point (check point through the frontier of Russian Federation), subdivisions of the frontier control, customs, sanitary and quarantine inspection, veterinary and phytosanitary control bodies. The vessels arriving at Taganrog seaport are offered full agency service.

Taganrog seaport has all necessary car and railroad transport junctions that insure access into any location nationwide or into the “near abroad”. Merchant vessels regularly go to seaports of Turkey, Italy, Israel, Cyprus, Greece, Spain, Egypt and other Mediterranean countries, and to seaports in the countries of Caspian Sea through the Volga-Don Canal.

The public company "Taganrog Commercial Seaport" is a member of UCL Port - the stevedore division of Universal Cargo Logistics (UCL) Holding.

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