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Second video bridge held between educational institutions of Taganrog and Naryn, Kyrgyzstan

June 2, 2022: The second videoconference between Taganrog Vocational Technical School of Marine Engineering and Naryn school No. 2 named after Valery Chkalov. The conference dedicated to the victory of Soviet people over Nazi Germany in Great Patriotic war was organized by Taganrog Local Government's Foreign Office.

The conference was moderated by the member of Russian Geographical Society, college geography teacher Gennady Shmidko in Taganrog. The communication was held in Russian language. The students of Taganrog School of Marine Engineering told their Kyrgyz friends about the defense of Taganrog in October 1941 by armored trains, about urban guerrilla warfare in Taganrog, breakthrough of Mius-Front - heavily fortified German Nazi defensive line along the Mius River in the Donbas region of the Soviet Union and Ukraine during World War II - in August 1943.

Kyrgyz students in turn told about the battle route of their ancestors, relatives and other inhabitants of Kyrgyzstan (online Immortal Regiment) in 1941-1945 and about their contribution to the Great Victory of Soviet people.

Naryn school No. 2 students have been regularly participating in cultural and educational events organized in Taganrog, in cultural events organized in Taganrog, including a a videoconference dedicated to "Vladimir Arsenyev Memorial Year" between the same institutions, a "video bridge" within the framework of the International Project "The Heritage of Saints Cyril and Methodius in the modern world" (in cooperation with Taganrog Municipal School No. 5), International Children's Art Contest "Anton Chekhov and Characters of his Works", and in the 2nd International Reading and Literature project "Reading Chekhov Aloud", where kids from Naryn were the most active participants with over 20 videos in Russian, Kyrgyz, English and German languages.