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Forum of Military Technologies ARMY-2022 held near Taganrog

August 22, 2022: Forum of Military Technologies ARMY-2022 took place in the territory of Patriot Park, Peoples' Museum of Military History "Sambek Heights" on August 19-21, 2022. Military and civilian officers as well as a large number of local residents attended the events.

Within three days, more than 60 units of new military equipment and more than 80 examples of small arms and light weapons alongside close combat weapons were presented by soldiers of the Southern Military District. In addition to this, tanks and armoured vehicles from different countries captured by the Russian army in Donbas were also put on display within the framework of 'Army 2022' Forum, Russia's largest annual defence showcase.

The August 1943 Mius Frontline Breakthrough was re-enacted on the closing day of ARMY-2022. Grounds for air-rifle shooting, paintball and simulator sessions were made available for the duration of the forum.

"The event is of great interest; it shows what determines the power of the Russian Armed Forces, their present and future. It was no accident that "Sambek Heights" were chosen as the venue of the forum. In 1941-1943, about 200000 soldiers of the Soviet Union died here. The museum is dedicated to the feat of our warriors, preserving the memory of how the Red Army defended the Don region from a terrible and cruel enemy", said Rostov Oblast Governor Vasily Golubev while the opening ceremony of ARMY-2022.

In 2020 and in 2021, the forum was also organized in the territory of Patriot Park, "Sambek Heights".