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The City of Military Glory Taganrog Awarded the "Sword of Victory"

June 10, 2022: the Swords of Victory were presented to 45 Cities of Military Glory, including Taganrog. The ceremony was held in the Hall of Glory of the Museum of the Great Patriotic War in Moscow. Taganrog City Manager Mikhail Solonitsin attended the event in person.

The Swords are a national-standard product of Ural armorers. The length of one blade is 1 m, the length of a handle is 20 cm, and the product weight is 4.5 kg. One side is decorated with a tracery and dedicatory inscription. The other side contains the quotation from the legendary Soviet film "Alexander Nevsky": "Those who come to us with a sword will perish from a sword". Every sheath carries engraved portraits of Russian military commanders.

The original Swords of Victory were produced in the city of Zlatoust in 1945 to be given to Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill, who were the Allied leaders of World War II along with Joseph Stalin.

The tradition was renewed after seventy years, when 9 Russian Hero Cities received the Swords of Victory. In 2022, it was the turn to award the Cities of Military Glory. Taganrog was conferred this status on November 3, 2011. A few months later, a ceremony was held in Kremlin, where Russian president presented the Mayor of Taganrog with the certificate conferring the title of City of Military Glory. In 2015 the City of Military Glory stela was inaugurated in Taganrog.