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Taganrog Military Graduates Join the Russian Armed Forces

July 12, 2022: Military Training Center of Southern Federal University (SFedU) held a graduation ceremony in Taganrog's Oktyabrskaya Square. Each of the eighty graduates was conferred the military rank of lieutenant - the first officer rank in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

taganrog_military_graduates_2022_1 The event brought together Taganrog City Council President and City Executive Inna Titarenko, Taganrog Chief Enlistment Officer Andrey Pershin, Rector of SFedU Inna Shevchenko, personnel of Military Training Center, graduates, their parents and members of the public.

taganrog_military_graduates_2022_3 Inna Titarenko reminded that the famous saying of Russian emperor Alexander III: "Russia only has two allies: her army and her fleet" has many times proved to enunciate the truth. "I am sure that you will be worthy successors to the victors of the past generations. Russian Army has always been devoted and just. Serve our homeland faithfully and we will always be proud of you", said Taganrog City Executive.

taganrog_military_graduates_2022_2 All eighty graduates received station assignments in different regions of Russia - from Crimea to the Far East.

This was the eleventh graduation from the Military Training Center of SFedU. Over the years, more than 500 graduates of this center joined the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.