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Taganrog's Urban Revitalisation Program discussed by the Federation Council

November 17, 2021: the working group on Taganrog's urban revitalisation program was formed within the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation. The First Deputy Speaker of the Federation Council Andrey Yatskin chaired the group. As he claimed, the program that was developed for Taganrog could be used to revitalise other cities.

Among the issues brought to the senators' attention were financing of renovation of Taganrog streetcar system, suggestions for the promotion of the urban tourism infrastructure, reconstruction and beautification works. The full list of events covering all the areas of Taganrog's life includes 197 points amounting to more than 66 billion roubles.

In addition to "Sinara" which engaged in the project of reconstruction and maintenance of municipal streetcar system, "Dom.RF" trust (the development of the master plan of land improvement works) and "Tourism.RF" corporation are also involved into Taganrog's urban revitalisation program.

An agreement has been reached with Rostourism to integrate Rostov Oblast together with the city of Taganrog into the South tourism macro-region.

It should be noted that Andrey Yatskin visited Taganrog three times in this year - in May, in June, and in September.