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Faina Ranevskaya's Birthday Celebrated in Taganrog

August 30, 2022: birthday of the Taganrog-native actress Faina Ranevskaya was traditionally celebrated in Taganrog by the new edition of award-winning "The Umbrella Morning" festival. The event has been held since 2008 and continues to attract and fascinate more and more tourists. A number of events took place in Taganrog's downtown area on August 27, in front of the artist's birth house on Frunze Street and in front of the cult cafeteria "Freken Bok" ("Fröken Bock").

Admirers of the actress laid flowers in front her monument and participated in a street performance called "Our Lady With An Umbrella", inspired by the her film roles, cameos and animation film characters voiced by Faina Ranevskaya. Hundreds of people went for a march across Taganrog downtown area, many wore hats and carried umbrellas or parasols as a tribute to her most famous role of Lyalya in the 1940 film "The Foundling".

Recognized as one of the greatest comic actors of the 20th century, Faina Ranevskaya was born as Faina Feldman on August 27 (O.S. August 15), 1896, in a wealthy Jewish family of Taganrog. Faina attended the elementary school classes at the Mariinskaya Girls Gymnasium, and then received regular home education - she was given music, singing, foreign languages lessons. In 1915, the girl left her home city to pursue a theater career in Moscow.

Award-winning actress Faina Ranevskaya has been considered to be one of the greatest Russian and Soviet artists of all time, especially famous for numerous supporting roles. She is known to the Russian-speaking audience thanks to such famous phrases as "Beauty is a horrible power" (from Cinderella motion picture) and "He flew away, but promised to return" (from Karlsson-on-the-Roof).

"The Umbrella Morning" has turned into one of the leading Taganrog events with various plays, shows, exhibitions, concerts, quizzes, guide tours, film screenings and debates, arrival of a retro steam train to the main train station of Taganrog. To commemorate Faina Ranevskaya's birthday, Russian Post had printed 2,000 specifically-designed postcards of two sets.

The first one displayed an umbrella as the festival's symbol and contained the following quote by Faina Ranevskaya: "I don't recognize the idea of "playing" a role. One can play cards or checkers. On stage, you must live". The second design included several images of the actress in different years, with the background of the Feldmanns house - the birthplace of Faina. A special commemorative postcard cancellation was held in front of the future Ranevskaya Museum.

The historical building that belonged to Ranevskaya's parents is now part of the Taganrog Group of Museums (Taganrog State Literary and Historical-Architectural Museum-Reserve) and is currently undergoing reconstruction to restore it to its original appearance. The memorial museum will open its doors to the visitors after the end of reconstruction.